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01 April 2011 @ 11:28 am
[Fic for jentfic_remix] How to make a porno  
Title: How to Make a Porno
Remix of: How Not to Make a Porno, by airairo
Pairing: Yasu/Subaru
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Porn!
Notes: Written for jentfic_remix, this is a remix that airairo originally wrote in response to a prompt of mine... so the circle is complete!! XD

'Come over to mine tonight. We can play some music together... or something', Subaru's text message had said. Yasu had giggled to himself and got there as soon as he was done with his work for the day. He knew he'd be there before Subaru so he lets himself in and sends Subaru a picture of him settled on his sofa.

'I'll be there in about half an hour I hope. Feel free to slip into something more comfortable' comes the reply. Yasu chuckles, but decides he'll wait till a bit later before thinking about changing his outfit. He doesn’t want to get cold. He browses Subaru's music DVDs and thinks he'll put on the new Rock'A'Trench one while he waits. When Subaru comes, they can finish watching it together.

When he opens the DVD player there's a plain disc in it, obviously home made. Yasu can't quell his curiosity - maybe it's a concert Subaru has copied or burnt, or maybe... Maybe it's something... quite different. Yasu isn't sure exactly how he feels about that. He's always wondered - he knows Subaru has an extensive adult video collection, containing all kinds of things, and Yasu isn't sure he really wants to know all the details - if the guys are hotter than him he'll be jealous, and if the girls are gorgeous he doesn't even know what he can do to compete with that! And if the stuff they're doing in the films is really way-out, then Yasu will just feel inadequate, like he isn't enough for Subaru because he won't (or can't!) do that.

Still. Yasu hesitates, staring at the DVD in the tray. This is his chance to find out what Subaru is really into. Maybe it won't be so bad - maybe Yasu can even learn something and surprise Subaru with it later tonight. And if it is that bad... well, at least maybe they can talk about it. Yasu would prefer to know.

He still feels guilty when he pushes the DVD back in, though. He is snooping, he knows it, but... Subaru never has to know!

His heart is beating a little harder as he presses play. It might still be something innocent, he tells himself... but as soon as the DVD starts, that possibility is well and truly destroyed.

There’s two people on the screen, and the first thing he realises is that they’re both guys - one is sitting on a sofa, and the other is kneeling between his legs, his head bobbing slowly up and down as he sucks the other guy’s dick. It feels like it takes a long time for Yasu to realise, even though it’s just a few seconds, but when the kneeling guy looks up out of the corner of his eye, right at the camera, and licks his lips, Yasu sees that it’s Subaru and for a sickening moment his heart lurches, until he looks, wide-eyed, at the guy whose dick he’s sucking... and recognises his own face, lips parted, eyes closed, panting with pleasure.

Yasu’s heart is racing. There’s a tiny moment of relief that it’s not anyone else, but it’s quickly swept away in a hot tide of embarrassment. He’s mortified that Subaru could do this, film him at such a vulnerable, intimate moment! Subaru might be a voyeur - Yasu can’t deny he suspected this much from his quite frankly encyclopaedic DVD library - but an exhibitionist as well?!

...Well, maybe Yasu can’t be so surprised by that either. But he still feels oddly violated. Exploited. But undeniably turned on.

He can remember the feeling of Subaru’s mouth on him, attentive and skillful, making him want more. He sees himself on the TV screen arching his back, his hips thrusting up, eyes closed and mouth slack as he pants and moans softly. Watching it now with eyes wide open, and from a different angle, he sees things he could never have noticed before - Subaru looking up at him through his eyelashes before taking him deeper into his mouth, the way his lips look around Yasu’s cock... Yasu didn’t realise it at the time, but now he can see that Subaru was putting on a show for the camera - he moans around Yasu’s dick, looks and sounds like he’s really enjoying himself, and Yasu feels hot as he remembers how good that was, how much it turned him on that Subaru was so into it.

Or so Yasu thought. Maybe Subaru was just acting! Or maybe he really was just that turned on by the camera... The thought spreads unease through him again, but then the Yasu in the DVD moans louder, his hands in Subaru’s hair, and Yasu remembers it clearly, he’s going to come. He watches as he jerks up into Subaru’s mouth, and Subaru pulls back so his lips are just a few centimetres away, stroking Yasu’s cock quick and smooth, his tongue darting out to just lick at the very tip. Yasu comes just a few seconds after, spattering Subaru’s lips, and Subaru licks them with relish, his tongue lingering over it.

Yasu can see again that this is for the camera’s benefit, but he really appreciates it now. Even if it’s a performance, it’s sexy and captivating, and Yasu’s hand finds its way into his lap. On the TV screen Subaru kisses him, slick and persuasive, and Yasu is remembering, anticipating what he knows happens next when he hears the door and footsteps and a sharp intake of breath as the real Subaru enters the room and sees what’s on the TV.

Yasu doesn’t know how to start. He wants Subaru badly now, but he’s still upset, wants Subaru to know how he feels before they get carried away and afterwards it’ll feel completely moot to bring it up.

He doesn’t get up, yet, but he tries to make his expression as serious as possible and turns on the sofa to face Subaru. “Were you going to tell me about this?” he asks, hoping his tone isn’t as obvious to read as it feels.

Subaru actually looks a little nervous. His eyes dart from Yasu’s face to the TV and back again, then back to the TV where DVD-Subaru has got Yasu on his back on the sofa. “I was... going to surprise you,” he tries. He at least has the decency to look a little shame-faced.

“You certainly did that,” says Yasu. “When exactly were you going to spring this on me?” He looks at the TV again. “If I’m remembering right, this was about a month ago.” He looks back at Subaru, who’s still standing near the door, his eyes wide like a frightened animal.

“It’s not what it looks like!” Subaru blurts out. He’s squirming a little, and Yasu is enjoying watching it.

“Really?” he says, raising his eyebrows. “Because it looks to me like you like to watch.”

Subaru’s cheeks turn pink. “Don’t pretend to be surprised,” he mumbles.

Yasu has to admit Subaru’s got him there. “So you want to spy on people without them knowing about it?” he asks, rather more aggressively. He feels the hot prickle of mortification and anger creeping over him again, but it’s not a bad feeling. In fact, to Yasu’s surprise, he feels his arousal intensifying with it. He gets up now and stalks over to Subaru, hoping he won’t notice right away that he isn’t quite as upset as he might sound.

Subaru looks at him uncertainly, trying to figure out how serious Yasu really is, like he really doesn’t know if this is a game or not. He doesn’t answer, obviously unable to find a reply that’s both unincriminating and non-argumentative.

“Or maybe you’re just a show-off who wants to be a porn star,” Yasu murmurs after a moment, closing in on Subaru. “But I guess that doesn’t surprise me either.” He smiles faintly, and Subaru must realise now that he’s not as angry as he is aroused - or at least, his anger isn’t going to go anywhere bad.

“You don’t seem too upset about it,” whispers Subaru, and before he even realises Subaru knows, Yasu feels his hand on his crotch, rubbing him through his pants.

“I guess we make a hot couple,” Yasu whispers back, and kisses Subaru fiercely, one hand on the back of his neck and the other grasping his arm.

Subaru moans softly into Yasu’s mouth, putting his free hand on Yasu’s waist. His touch is gentle, for him, and Yasu knows he’s in charge, and Subaru will acquiesce to whatever he wants.

He breaks the kiss and moves behind Subaru, pushing him forward till he’s standing against the back of the sofa with Yasu pressed behind him. He can feel Subaru already breathing faster, knows Subaru can feel how aroused he is and he’s sure Subaru knows what he wants.

“You want to watch,” Yasu whispers, his lip near Subaru’s ear. “So let’s watch~”

Subaru can’t do anything but look at the TV screen, where DVD-Subaru is fucking DVD-Yasu in quick, deep strokes. Yasu remembers how it feels to have Subaru inside him, remembers the intensity and heat he put into his performance that day - a performance that Yasu thought was just for him, just because Subaru wanted him so much, but he doesn’t remember him ever being so passionate without a camera being there.

That thought stings a little, and he puts his hands around Subaru’s waist and undoes his belt roughly. He lets Subaru’s trousers fall to the floor and slides his hand into his underwear. Subaru is already hard, and Yasu guesses even if it is from the video on the TV, at least this time it’s a video starring him.

He grasps Subaru’s cock and strokes it slowly, using just the pressure he knows Subaru likes. Subaru moans again quietly, and Yasu kisses his neck and up to his ear so he can murmur, “You want to be a porn star, so are you going to put on a good show for me?”

Subaru thrusts against Yasu’s hand with a moan that’s a little louder. It turns Yasu on more, and he rubs himself against Subaru’s ass, making clear his intention.

“That’s good,” he says, licking a wet trail up Subaru’s neck. “More,” he instructs as he slips Subaru’s underwear off and fondles his balls with his other hand.

“Oh god,” whimpers Subaru, his eyes still fixed on the screen. Yasu watches over Subaru’s shoulder, but he has to look away from his own face, sweat-slick and completely open with pleasure as Subaru screws him.

He undoes his own trousers and underwear with one hand, pushing them down and stepping out of them hurriedly so he can press his bare cock against Subaru’s ass. He shivers a little with excitement - Subaru’s skin is hot against his, and Subaru is obviously enjoying the them on the TV screen, and that fires Yasu up even more, both his anger and his excitement.

He remembers the day this movie was made, remembers that Subaru left the lube down the side of the sofa, and when he checks of course it’s still there. Subaru isn’t always the tidiest person, and besides, it was a good bet that this sort of thing would happen again.

He very quickly slicks his fingers and slides them between the cheeks of Subaru’s ass, rubbing over his hole teasingly. “Do you want it?” he says, voice low. “You’ve got to show me you do.”

“Fuck, yes,” Subaru moans, and he pushes his hips back against Yasu’s hand in a way that even startles him a little. Subaru is so into it, thoroughly embracing his role - if it even is a role, there’s no camera now but Subaru seems happy to pretend there is.

Yasu pushes one finger in steadily, and Subaru groans. Yasu is starting to think that this has worked rather too well, because now it’s him who’s completely enthralled by Subaru, he’s sexy and hot and knows just what he’s doing.

“You’re so tight,” Yasu says, because he feels like it’s the sort of thing that would turn him on again later if they had been filming this. Maybe they should’ve. “I can’t wait to be inside you.”

“Please, do it,” Subaru gasps as Yasu slides another finger in. Yasu’s cock aches, it feels like he’s been hard forever, and he fumbles around in the same place he got the lube from, looking for a condom.

“Hurry,” moans Subaru and Yasu bites his lip, Subaru sounds way too real and Yasu can’t help but wonder just what he’s unleashed.

“Bend over,” Yasu says huskily as he puts the condom on and slicks himself with lube. Subaru does it obediently, presenting Yasu with his pert ass, there for the taking.

Yasu’s eyes flutter closed as he pushes himself inside Subaru, but when he opens them again he catches sight of the TV screen and they widen in shock. There’s an entirely different scene on the TV now - this is in Subaru’s bedroom, and Yasu is lying on his back on Subaru’s bed as Subaru rides him with a look of pure abandon.

The image sends a jolt of heat up Yasu’s spine, from his hips to the hairs on the back of his neck. This video is even hotter than the one before, and even though it just raises more questions that Yasu knows he’ll have to ask later, right now all he can think of his how good Subaru feels and how willing he is and how perfectly he’s fulfilling everything Yasu wants.

“You feel so good,” Subaru pants out. “Fuck me harder,” he says, and Yasu’s hips obey before his brain has even registered the words. He’s moving on instinct, responding to all the typical fantasy lines Subaru is giving him - but, he thinks as he thrusts deeper, it’s having this effect because it’s Subaru, and Yasu’s rather conditioned now to appreciate anything he does more than if anyone else did it.

“Oh, yes,” moans Subaru, and Yasu moans too, his hips moving faster as Subaru moves against him. Subaru arches his back, crying out when Yasu rubs inside him just right, and Yasu is already close, it’s like a dream and it’s overwhelming him.

“Touch yourself,” he breathes, even though he can’t watch from this position, but when he looks at the TV he sees the Subaru there doing the same, his head thrown back and his hips jerking up against his hand - and Yasu can’t handle it, he bucks against Subaru a few more times, coming hard in a rush inside him. It just takes Subaru a few more moments to follow him, crying out and shaking against Yasu, who holds him tight and kisses his face and neck softly as he gradually comes back to earth.

Subaru half-turns in his arms and gives him the dirtiest smirk Yasu has ever seen. Yasu frowns, finding himself blushing at how easily he seemed to come around to Subaru’s way of thinking.

Wobbling a little, he moves round to sit on the sofa again, wearing only his t-shirt. Subaru comes to sit beside him, still smirking.

“So, still think I’m a pervert for wanting to be a porn star?” he asks smugly. He clearly considers his performance award-winning.

“Yes!” say Yasu defiantly. “Just because you’re good at it doesn’t make it all OK,” he mumbles, but he sounds less sure of that, even to himself.

Subaru kisses his cheek lightly. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” he mutters, and Yasu thinks he sounds grudging, but at least he’s admitting he was wrong. “But I knew you were a bit... insecure about my... collection,” Subaru says haltingly, but presses swiftly on before Yasu can protest that he’s not sure ‘insecure’ adequately captures the situation. “So I thought maybe you’d approve more if it was you I was perving over,” he says affectionately.

Yasu really can’t deny how pleasing that is to hear, but he doesn’t want to let this go that easily. Not after how quickly he changed his tune earlier. “But if you’d said that to me in the first place, I wouldn’t’ve minded so much!” he grumbles.

“I didn’t know that at the time,” Subaru mutters. “And anyway, this way you weren’t self-conscious!”

Yasu shakes his head. “Not until I watched it, anyway...”

Subaru grins at him. “Don’t worry. You’ve nothing to be self-conscious about. You’re a natural!” He chuckles at Yasu’s embarrassment. “Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.” Yasu does believe him, even though he’d rather not. “But y’know, it’s hot because it’s you,” Subaru adds, his tone far less cocky, and it makes Yasu smile, until Subaru goes on, “Well... because it’s us.”

Yasu laughs out loud. “So you’re admiring yourself too?”

“Well, you said yourself I’m pretty good!” Subaru says defensively.

Yasu eyes him. “Yeah, you’ve never been quite that... enthusiastic before,” he says, just a little resentfully.

“I didn’t know you liked it before,” Subaru replies, quick as a flash. “But now I know you clearly do...” He trails off, but by the gleam in his eye, Yasu has a feeling he might’ve let loose a bigger monster than he bargained for.

But somehow, he doesn’t mind too much.

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just call me L.: pleasedspurious on April 1st, 2011 02:36 pm (UTC)
asdfasdlkjfa;slkd this was really hot *_* I love the way you used sort of cliched dirty talk but somehow made it work in the context, and...yes. thumbs up *_*
amiegroove: subaru teheeeamiegroove on April 1st, 2011 02:42 pm (UTC)
OMG I was reading this while listening to airairo and it's really suits the mood. *_*
Thanks for sharing.
egoisticmacchan: nothingwronginlikingPASTA!!!egoisticmacchan on April 17th, 2011 01:02 pm (UTC)
FYEAH, I so love the dirtiness. XD
Sankyu~ you did a great job ;)